Additional Services
Vacuum Excavation
With the use of high pressure air, and strong suction from a 4” hose,
we can quickly and safely expose your underground utilities with out
any threat to damage or service disruption. Learn More
Locating Utility Infrastructure Services, is a commercial, industrial and residential
subsurface utility locating company with over 50 years of combined experience.
The quality of our underground utility locating service has earned us the
reputation for being the premier utility locating firm on the East Coast.

We specialize in all subsurface utility locating services for both residential and
commercial projects. Customer service is a priority for us, setting us apart from
other utility locators. We deliver solutions for all your utility locating and
subsurface utility engineering needs.

Underground Utility Locating Services

Utility Locating Infrastructure Services is Philadelphia’s only
MBE & DBE Certified Utility Locating Company.
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EcoFriendly Utility Marking
We use EZ Paint, which is eco-friendly, bio-degratable, and safe for
the enviroment, our famlies, and our pets. Markings will last 1-2
months and dissipate as the base evaporates. Learn More